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About us

Our Vision & Values


Our vision at The Good Neighbour Project, is to provide hope for the People of Holmewood and the surrounding areas by helping to combat loneliness, providing low cost food and giving general help and support to people of all ages.

We believe in helping people to reach their potential, and so we work with volunteers from different backgrounds, ages and abilities to help them discover their skills and talents, which they then use to help the local community.

Since the project began in 1989, we have been of service to many people and have shared something of God’s love within our community. Although The Good Neighbour Project is a well established community project, we are constantly reviewing our provision by listening to both our service users and the local community for new ideas and ways in which we can improve our services.


St. Christopher’s Church has been established in Holmewood for more than 50 years and has run activities for people of all ages for over 30 years. It began with a small community café and quickly became The Good Neighbour Project.

In response to community need, we began to provide a place for older people to come and be part of a daytime community, which helped combat loneliness and enabled people to live more independent lives, ensuring they can live in their own homes for as long as they wish to. This has proved an invaluable resource for families that support relatives through their twilight years

Now, the project includes a fruit and veg co-operative and a range of events and activities. Our sister projects, ‘The Youth Project’ who ran clubs for school children, and ‘The Family Project’ who supported families with young children under the age of 5, combined to become Holmewood Family Centre.

The Community Centre Partners


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